• Foreign Earned Income
  • Nonresident Alien Taxes
  • Foreign Transactions
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Research and Treaty Reports


  • Income and Franchise Tax
  • Credits and Incentives
  • Nexus Analysis
  • Sales and Use Taxes
  • Property Taxes


  • Tax Preparation and Planning
  • Gift Tax
  • Trust and Estate
  • Quarterly Estimates
  • IRS and State Representation
  • Form 990 and 990-T
  • Exemption Filing (form 1023 and 1024)
  • Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)
  • Projections and forecasts
  • Tax Compliance


Individual & Business

BSC offers a full spectrum of taxation. We help individuals and businesses plan and prepare for their tax returns. Our proactive method ensures that you will not have unexpected notices and tax liabilities. Our tax experts utilize your information along with applying the laws and regulations to maximize the use of tax credits and incentives.